Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement

Whether it is for the peace of mind of having an extra set of keys in case one gets misplaced, or having a second set for a second driver, many people like to have an extra set of car keys.

Car key replacement Burlingame Unless you have an older car, the Keys today are extremely high tech and many have a transponder and unique coding that must have the ability to communicate with the auto computer in order for your car to begin. The upside of these keys is that they have been developed to help protect the user against auto theft, but they also have a drawback. The car keys of now tend to cost a pretty penny to replace or replicate. On top of the price, not each locksmith has the technologies to have the ability to generate a transponder key or key fob, and because most cars also have another fob for unlocking the doors and trunk, this requires special technology also.

Most keys get stuck in a car’s ignition because they aged or bent out of shape, and unfortunately, most keys get broken accidentally by panicked drivers who are anxious to remove their keys without the proper techniques and tools that professional locksmiths have. Burlingame locksmiths‘s professional technicians will provide you a full car key replacement.

Burlingame locksmith has the technology and experience to be able to produce the extra set of keys you need.  Give us a call, schedule a time that works for you, and one of our mobile technicians will come to you and produce the keys.

Are you concerned that the price of such a convenient service is out of reach?  Use the search option above to look up your car key, the price is clearly marked, no surprises, no extra fees.  Click below to call us now.